Strong Praise From An Early Ed Earl Fan

Check out this bravura tout for THE BEST LOUSY CHOICE by ace reviewer Linda Strong, an early Ed Earl Burch fan. Then scarf up a copy to see if she’s right at
“Ed Earl Burch is a unique kind of guy. He’s a former homicide detective, now a private investigator. Ghosts from prior victims, including an ex-wife and a partner, keep him company every night. About the only thing that keeps them at bay are alcohol mixed with Percodan.
But when he’s working, he’s sharp as a tack and his body doesn’t hurt as much. The nightmares fade into the night.
When an older rancher and war hero is found burned to a crisp in his barn, the man’s cousin hires Burch to investigate. Local police don’t seem to want the job.
The rancher had enemies, no doubt about it. It all boils down to family dynamics, a lot of land, water, developers who want that land, relatives that want to sell.
The more he investigates, the more dangerous the job becomes.
This is a hard-boiled Texas thriller that features Ed Earl Burch. He’s battle-weary, unconventional when it comes to handing out justice. He’s rough and tough but he still attracts the ladies. There is unrelenting action starting at the very first and not letting go until the very last page.
Although third in a series, this is easily read as a standalone, but I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the series. Ed Earl is a character well worth reading.
Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of this story about a man with a thirst for guns, booze, and women. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.”

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