The Best Lousy Choice

Dallas private eye Ed Earl Burch is an emotional wreck, living on the edge of
madness, hosing down the nightmares of his last case with bourbon and
Percodan, dreading the next onslaught of demons that haunt his days and nights,
including a dead man who still wants to carve out his heart and eat it.

Burch is also a walking contradiction. Steady and relentless when working a
case. Tormented and unbalanced when idle. He’s deeply in debt to a shyster
lawyer who holds the note on his business and forces him to take the type of
case he loathes — divorce work, peephole creeping to get dirt on a wayward

Work with no honor. Work that reminds him of how far he’s fallen since he lost
the gold shield of a Dallas homicide detective. Work in the stark and harsh
badlands of West Texas and border country where he almost got killed and his
nightmares began.

What he longs for is the clarity and sense of purpose he had when he carried that
gold shield and chased killers for a living. Smoke ‘em or cuff ‘em. The adrenaline
spike of the showdown. Justice served — by his gun or the long arm of the law.

Burch forgets something he used to know by heart. Be careful what you wish for.
You just might get it. And it might just get you killed.


Coming in 2019