Hot Skillet Mystery



Check out Honest Jim’s advance review of Bruce Robert Coffin’s upcoming Detective Byron mystery, Within Plain Sight:

Bruce Robert Coffin’s latest Detective Byron mystery, WITHIN PLAIN SIGHT, sizzles and pops like thick-cut bacon tossed into a smokin’ hot skillet.

This fast-paced tale has it all — the gruesome murder of a young woman, her headless body found in a shuttered lumber yard; a star-power family with a famous actress for a matriarch; more plot twists and turns than an Olympic slalom course; treacherous police department politics and the internal angst of Detective Sergeant John Byron, newly sober and trying to live up to his 90-day AA coin in the middle of a triple-decker stress-sandwich case.

Byron is an old-school murder cop who doesn’t gladly suffer fools, particularly lazy colleagues and career-climbing superiors. He’s thorough and obsessive, willing to throw protocol and chain-of-command out the window and put himself in harm’s way in pursuit of his prey. But he’s also a natural-born leader who takes care of his team.

The author has you riding shotgun in Byron’s head as he and his team painstakingly pursue every lead in a case where the suspects pile up, including the famous actress and her two sons, a boozehound businessman who pawed the victim at the five-star restaurant run by the sons and an ex-boyfriend who smacked her around and refused to believe it when she broke off the relationship. There’s also the dead-bang match of a headless victim to the modus operandi of a Boston serial killer on the loose dubbed the Horseman.

Add a few gunsels and thugs, a homeless Desert Storm vet who finds the head in a garbage bag at the bottom of a Dumpster he’s using as overnight lodging and a dark family secret and you’ve got the recipe for a mystery that will keep you guessing until the final bullet-riddled revelation.

Coffin’s a master of pace, deftly switching between the step-by-step progress of the case, sudden action, back-stabbing colleagues and the backstory of Byron’s struggle with the bottle and his relationship with a black colleague named Diane. All of these elements are seamlessly dovetailed and keep you turning page after page.

Chalk up another Detective Byron winner for Bruce Robert Coffin.

The author provided an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jim Nesbitt is the author of three hard-boiled Texas crime thrillers that feature Dallas PI Ed Earl Burch, a cashiered homicide detective — THE BEST LOUSY CHOICE, THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER and THE LAST SECOND CHANCE. His website is:



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