Sweet Hometown Praise


There’s no praise quite as sweet as hometown praise. Fellow Athens author Jerry Barksdale’s review of THE BEST LOUSY CHOICE, fits this to a T. Read what he has to say below then see what all the fuss about at: amazon.com/author/jimnesbitt

Here’s Cuzin’ Jerry’s review:

“Ed Earl Burch, cashiered Dallas homicide cop, has a bad attitude and a shoulder-holstered 1911 Colt .45 to prove it. Pity the scumbag who challenges the gimpy-kneed, thrice-divorced ex-detective gone to seed. Since getting kicked off the force for getting his partner killed and smacking around some scumbag, he has resorted to slimy “keyhole” jobs in divorce cases to pay the rent.

He hates the work. In the old days, he went after killers and either smoked them or cuffed them. Nightmares torture his mind. Percodan washed down with Maker’s Mark whisky – without the “e” – keep the demons at bay.

Too much booze, too many women and too many bullet scars. If you like Dirty Harry, you’ll love Burch. He’ll make your day!

Athens, Alabama author Jim Nesbitt, a former staff writer and national correspondent for newspapers and wire services, has created a memorable character. It’s his third Ed Earl Burch page-turner with non-stop action.

Caution: it’s not a Sunday school book. What begins as a keyhole job in a divorce case in West Texas to catch a philandering husband sucks Burch into a caldron of murder, narcos, hitmen and lust.

Wealthy rancher and war hero Bart Hulett — the “Good Hulett” — won’t sell his ranch to wealthy Houston land developers. He is burned to death in a suspicious barn fire. His outlaw cousin, Gyp, is the “Bad Hulett” who owns the adjoining ranch and they don’t get along. Just across the Mexican border, narco patrón Malo Garza is hauling drugs across Gyp’s ranch. Then there is Bart’s beautiful, reckless and lusty daughter, Stella Rae. Throw in a crooked sheriff, formerly a Texas Ranger, and his brutal deputy. All may he have a motive for murdering Bart.

But who and why? Signs point to all. Burch is on their tail and becomes a target for murder. Nesbitt paints a picture of a harsh, brutal, sun-dried land of mesquite and rattlesnakes that will have the reader turning pages, mopping sweat and thirsting for water – or maybe an ice-cold long neck of Lone Star beer.

If you like hard-boiled crime novels, you’ll love this one.”

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