Lone Star Gold

Take a gander below at the outstanding review of THE DEAD CERTAIN DOUBT by Texas book review blogger Guatemala Paula. Then pick up a copy at: https://www.amazon.com/author/jimnesbitt

Hard-Boiled Under the Texas Sun

“The Dead Certain Doubt is the fourth book in author Jim Nesbitt’s Ed Earl Burch series, and a reader would be hard-pressed to find a more robust and gritty crime fiction tale.

Along with its riveting plot, the book is packed with fascinating and specific details about the local area’s past, which are flawlessly woven into the current story and made relevant. This story simmers with bad men doing bad things, so be prepared for ugliness and a need to have the protagonist do something about it.

Ed Earl Burch, Double-E to the like-minded with similar pasts at Louie’s, has seen too much and is close to gaining the 1,000-yard stare of military lore. But he’s not that far gone to take on the request to find a dying woman’s missing granddaughter, hellbent on not being found and exacting vengeance against the people responsible for her lover’s horrific murder.

The story is as densely packed as they come, and the author’s writing is compelling. Violent and graphic descriptions create powerful images that will set a reader smack down inside the story.

The tale unfolds in the present but often throws back to past events, so the book stands alone, but having read the prior novels would be a plus. The research that must have been done to authenticate the time and place and how those involved got to where they are in the book is impressive, and readers will reap the benefits.

I recommend THE DEAD CERTAIN DOUBT to readers who favor harder, tougher stories, grittier crime fiction tales, fans of the previous books in the series, and stories set in West Texas, Texas, and the DFW area.”

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