Turf Sharing

Author buddy Rod Davis and your ol’ pal, Honest Jim, seem to prowl the same gritty and grim landscape of the American Outback in our decidedly dark, hard-boiled crime thrillers. If you haven’t read his SOUTH,AMERICA or EAST OF TEXAS, WEST OF HELL, grab copies of both. Then snap up my latest, THE DEAD CERTAIN DOUBT at http://www.amazon.com/dp/0998329452

Now, check out what Rod has to say about Ed Earl Burch’s newest misadventure:

“Dallas has plenty of bottomless pits, and Ed Earl Burch, the washed-up detective in Jim Nesbitt’s Texas crime thriller series, has managed to fall into most of them. Usually trying to do the right thing, as if that exists in Nesbitt’s extra-hard-boiled tales. And when the attempted good deeds run bad, as always, they quickly move to West Texas, where Burch’s rough days and harsh nights seem like paradise before it’s all over.”

— Rod Davis, author of the Southern noir novels, South, America and East of Texas, West of Hell

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