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Jim Nesbitt

Check out my review of Carmen Amato’s terrific Prohibition-era mystery, Murder At The Galliano Club, the first in a series of thrillers:

There’s a satisfying magic to a well-told tale delivered by an author with a deft touch for delivering the details of the time and the place of a story that add depth, complexity and a been-there authenticity to the characters and the unfolding action.

And in Carmen Amato’s Murder at The Galliano Club, the first in a series of Prohibition-era mysteries set in the fictional upstate New York mill town of Lido and centered on the Italian-owned bar and social club of the book’s title, the magic may be quiet and subtle but it provides a rock-solid foundation for a story that’s far more than a who-dun-it.

The book opens with what should be an un-adulterated moment of triumph for the working stiffs crowding the club and their…

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