Big-Time Tout From Big-Time Talent


Check out this killer review of The Best Lousy Choice by Shamus Award-winning author Rich Zahradnik. Big time tout from big time talent. See for yourself at

“West Texas is a harsh mistress. She’ll snake-bite you, shoot you, stampede you. Or-plain-old burn you up inside your own barn. Jim Nesbitt brings these dangers and the beauty of this harsh land to life in The Best Lousy Choice, the third book in his series featuring private eye Ed Earl Burch.

Burch is the perfect character for mystery readers seeking hardboiled stories, more bad guys than good and unrelenting action. Nesbitt’s confident writing carries the reader through a tale of drug trafficking, land swindling and a family of black and white sheep at war with itself.

As the story starts, Burch already knows well the dark and awful dangers of West Texas. His last case involving a psycho cartel assassin left him home in Dallas with nightmares of torture and cold sweats only cured by four (or five) fingers of whisky and casual sex.

Though the last thing he wants to do is go back to West Texas, finances force him, and on the very sort of case he hates most—divorce. But that one little investigation becomes the least of worries. A shootout with narco gunmen, a dirty sheriff and a murder over land remind Burch why he wanted to avoid this tough land—and force him deeper into the criminal world on the border with Mexico.

Burch, tough as those he faces, is as interesting for his nightmares as he is for his sharp mind and sharper tongue when on the job. The Best Lousy Choice is a great choice for readers looking for a thriller filled with action, atmosphere and unforgettable characters.”

— Rich Zahradnik, author of Lights Out Summer, winner of the 2018 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Private Eye Novel Visit

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