Ready For Launch

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Your long wait is almost over, sports fans. THE BEST LOUSY CHOICE, the latest Ed Earl Burch hard-boiled Texas crime thriller, will be released Tuesday, July 9.

If you like hard-boiled crime thrillers driven by relentless action, unforgettable characters you’ll either want to shoot or buy a drink and snappy dialogue that ranges from the profanely tough to the howlingly funny, you’ll want to read The Best Lousy Choice — then pick up my first two Ed Earl novels, The Last Second Chance and The Right Wrong Number.

If you like frank descriptions of violence and sex that don’t hide behind euphemisms and aren’t just thrown in for shock value but to flesh out a bloody and carnal world, you’ll want to read my books.

And if you like landscape so vivid that it becomes a character unto itself, shaping and changing the humans who live there — or are just passing through — pick up The Best Lousy Choice.

Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble Nook, Kobo and Apple Books.,,,,

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