Five &*#@^%$ Stars!

Just saw this ass-kickin’ review of THE LAST SECOND CHANCE by reader Kevin Lear. Damn fine stuff.

“Happy to recommend a new writer friend that I met here on FB. Just connected with this gentleman a few weeks ago. (A friend of a friend, and mutual connections and all that happy stuff), and Damn I’m glad we connected. Not only is he an accomplished author, and a published author at that, but Jim Nesbitt sure can write!! May the Good Lord always bless the late James Crumley, but Mr. Nesbitt ups that game 1000%!!! Just finished reading his first novel, “The Last Second Chance”. I started this one, with mind and eyes wide open, and Jim fricking delivered!! This beauty of novel, was absolutely well written. No slow start here, but like a super roller coaster, it was “click, click, click”, “Holy Fuc**** Sh*t, hold on tight cause here we go!!! “The Last Second Chance” just bursts out of the gate, and the Tach pegs right in the red, and just never lets up!! 5 F’n ***** for this kick ass book!! Happy to find another go to author, and I’m awaiting delivery of his 2nd Ed Earl Burch novel, which I was just notified, should be in my mailbox next week!!
So friends, do me a favor, and pick this one up, and order up his 2nd book, because, trust me on this, you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ’em!!
Thanks for a killer read Jim! Looking forward to reading your next one, “The Right Wrong Number”!! Hoping perhaps Carla Sue may show up! “

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