Hard-Boiled Sale

Browsing through the reviews of THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER and found this five-star jewel from a very discerning reader who goes by the nom de plume Writer Girl:

“Shove those other books off your nightstand and make room for Ed Earl. You know everything in Texas is bigger. After reading THE RIGHT WRONG NUMBER, I know in Nesbitt’s Texas, everything is also BETTER. If “better” means characters that leap off the pages and hold a cold muzzle to your neck, settings that read so true you’ll be squinting into the sunset and downing water to slake your thirst. I never knew hard-boiled noir could be disguised as a gritty action-packed western. I’m sold and I’m coming back for more.”

To see if she’s right, check out both my hard-boiled Texas crime thrillers at https://jimnesbittbooks.com or www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B01D2D9ASO

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