Five-Star SWAK


Big-time mystery writer Dick Belsky just gave my first hard-boiled Texas crime thriller a hellacious five-star review. Perfect timing since I just finished his latest mystery, YESTERDAY’S NEWS, and think it’s great read. Here’s Dick’s review of THE LAST SECOND CHANCE:

“The Last Second Chance is a terrific name for a mystery, and Jim Nesbitt’s action-packed story magnificently delivers on the promise of that hard-boiled title.

Ex-homicide detective turned down-and-out PI Ed Earl Burch seems out of chances in life until he meets – at gunpoint! – a bizarre and wild blonde woman named Carla Sue Cantrell.

What starts out as revenge to get the man who killed Burch’s ex-partner and led to his own fall from grace on the police force soon turns into a bloody spree – with Burch and Carla on the run from police themselves as the bodies pile up.

Nesbitt never takes his foot off the accelerator for a minute in this fast-moving tale until the final twist and conclusion. Can’t wait now to read the followup Ed Earl Burch thriller, The Right Wrong Number.”

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